Pork Stew With Banana Pepper

Pork Stew With Banana Pepper

"A pork stew with a kick! If you bored with normal pork stew with potato & carrot, this is the one with the xfactor. With proper seasoning & timely cooking add green chili factor of banana pepper which gives the rich texture and the taste. Good with toasted bread but can't beat the taste with steamed rice."

Prep Time

40 Min

Cook Time

32 Min

Ready In

1 Hr 12 Min







Servings Calculator


  • 450 Grams Pork (cut in cubes or slices)

    • 1 Medium Red onion (chopped)

      • 5 Clove Garlic (chopped)

        • 3 Medium Banana pepper (banana chili, cut in to slices)

          • 1 Tablespoon Black ground pepper (crushed)

            • 1 Tablespoon Vinegar

              • 1 Tablespoon Soy sauce (light)

                • 1 Teaspoon Salt (or to taste)

                  • 1 Medium Cinnamon stick (break in to 2 pieces)

                    • 2 Small Cardamom (crushed)

                      • 1 1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric (powder)


Step 1
In a cooking pot add pork, turmeric powder, soy sauce, vinegar, ground black pepper, salt, cinnamon stick, and cardamom . Mix well all together and let it marinate about 30 minutes with the pot lid closed.
Step 2
Now heat cooking pot to medium heat with the marinated pork and add 1/2 cup of water and keep cooking for about 15 minutes.
Step 3
It's time to add half portion of onion and garlic in to the cooking pot and stir well & let it cook for further 10 minutes.
Step 4
Then add Banana pepper and stir well & cook for 5 minutes more.
Step 5
When Banana pepper start to get sweat add rest of the onion and garlic in to the pork and stir well. Now turn off the heat and keep it side for about 2 minutes before you serve.
Step 6
Serve hot with steamed rice.


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